About Us

"Truly Allah Rewards the charitable"

Captain (R) Ghulam Muhammad Awan, born on July 5, 1951, hails from a humble family in Ugali, Khushab District. His father, Dost Muhammad Awan, was a devout individual who often found solace in the mountains, immersed in spiritual contemplation. From an early age, Captain Awan displayed a profound interest in religion and education. Walking a daily journey of 12 km to receive primary education from Angah and Noushera, he exemplified dedication and perseverance.
Following his service in the Pakistan Army, Captain Awan embarked on a successful entrepreneurial journey, garnering acclaim for his integrity and honorable conduct. Despite his professional endeavors, his unwavering commitment to humanity remained paramount. By the grace of Allah, he contributed to the construction and completion of over 58 mosques, including 21 new ones. Apart from educations, Captain Awan extended monthly assistance to the impoverished, widows, and orphans, while also organizing numerous medical camps for those in need. His devout love for Allah and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), coupled with his simplicity and compassion, earned him profound reverence in community in his ancestral village & business circle. 

Selfless Dedication to Humanity

Captain Ghulam Muhammad Awan epitomised selfless dedication to humanity. A living example of his commitment to education is the establishment of Educational Institute, Jamia Amna Ugali, where children from village receive both religious and contemporary education. Furthermore, he generously supported various government school initiatives. On November 30, 2020, he left this temporarily world, finding his final resting place within the sanctuary of the Shah Jalal Mosque,Village Ugali.

After his demise, his family continues his legacy through the Captain GM Awan(CGMA) Foundation, perpetuating his noble mission for community welfare.

Ensuring Genuine Impact

Helping each other can make world better

Founded in 2021, with a mission to uplift the underprivileged in Rural Pakistan, CGMA Foundation strives to make a meaningful impact on communities through education, health, and humanitarian support, touching the lives of countless individuals and families.

Our dedicated and passionate staff members are the heart of our foundation, bringing expertise and a deep commitment to every project they undertake. Our initiatives aim to bring about positive transformations in every community we engage with, spreading hope and progress.

Transforming Rural Communities

Our Commitment: What sets us apart

Community Impact

Dedicated to lasting
progress and positive change within
underprivileged communities

Empowering Communities

Delivering transformative initiatives in
education, health, and humanitarian
aid, tailored to the specitic needs of community

Transparent Operations

Ensuring transparency, accountability,
and genuine impact through every
program and project we undertake

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